How to be sure in your investment for used machines?

How to maintain your business with grinding machines?

When you are an experienced surface grinder and business owner, you will find yourself asking now and again how to maintain your business with grinding machines. Finding a place in your business for used grinding machines can take the sting out of purchasing a new (to you) piece of equipment.

When you buy a used grinding machine, it’s likely that you will find it online and have it shipped to you. The chances that your neighbor has the specific machine you need are low, so you’ll be shopping outside of a driving
distance. Shopping online for used grinding machines at is just as easy as buying new. Find a used machine dealer that you trust.

Experts suggest that before you buy a grinder, you have a test piece run through it and sent to you ahead of the sale. You want to make sure the machine can create the accuracy of finish that you are looking for.

You can ask the seller to provide a video of the machine under power if it is in working condition. This can help you listen for any odd noises and see whether it runs to your satisfaction.

It’s important to get a full specifications list for each machine that you purchase online without seeing in person first. Sometimes machines are made with additional features that may change the price quite a bit. It’s possible to see the name of one machine and think you are buying something different that you’ll actually get. Don’t make assumptions. Get details before you buy.

How to be sure in your investment for used machines?

Compare prices, brands, and years. Some manufacturers had good years and bad years. It’s important to study the manufacturers as closely as you study the machines. Some manufacturers had products that are hard to find, collectable items. Those are going to be more expensive. If you don’t need that specific machine, you can find something equivalent from another manufacturer often from the same dealer.

Buying used grinding machines allows you to make a relationship with a single used machine dealer, but still get a wide range of brands to choose from. You can buy Tos at the same place were they carry Blohm or Stanko. An online dealer like has a wide variety with photos and specification descriptions right online so you can choose the machine you need.