DIY tips for sofa cleaning from professionals in Dulwich

Is your sofa’s upholstery is stained, dirty, dusty or just shabby?  Do you reside in London? You have no reason to worry especially if your financial situation at the moment cannot allow you to purchase new furniture. The professionals at Cleaningsure have the perfect solution for your problems. The following DIY tips for sofa cleaning from professionals in Dulwich will utterly leave you smiling and satisfied. First of all, vacuum clean the upholstery thoroughly. This is aimed at eradicating all the dust, pet fur/ hair and dirt particles. Sometimes, you will realize that a vacuum cleaner doesn’t remove the pet fur/ hair 100%. In that case, you can opt for a pet hair cleaner. It never goes wrong. Next, it is wise and advisable to use the appropriate stain removal strategy for every stain. Identification of stains is therefore paramount. You ought to know that cleaning using steam removes most, but not all stains.

Examples of steam-removable stains include: pets’ pee/ poop, babies’ pee/ poop, wine, tea, coffee among others. However, for other stubborn stains such as oil-based ones, you will need to apply chemical treatments to lift them off. There are stains that can be prevented from sticking too hard on your sofa upholstery. These are fresh stains that by simply blotting them, you prevent them from soaking and spreading deeper and wider on the fabric. Hence, easier cleaning of the stain when you choose to. The sofas in London often have tags on the furniture upholstery. These are meant for you to read. They are usually found on the cushions. On the tags are certain markings or codes. They include: W- an abbreviation for Water.

It means, the fabric can be cleaned using these DIY tips for sofa cleaning from professionals in Dulwich. S- for solvent. It means the fabric can only be cleaned using a solvent, failure of which, a ring or fade can occur. SW/ WS – means, both water and dry cleaning options can be used. Utmost care must be taken during dry cleaning due to the sensitivity of certain fabrics. Lastly, X code is a no-go-zone for you. It needs special professional care such as that availed at Cleaningsure.

In the event that your sofa lacks the tags or cleaning instructions, you ought to try out your stain remover on a hidden part of the upholstery to check for color fastness, or other reactions. If it doesn’t fade, then you are free to employ the method. You must decide on whether to rent or buy a steamer. This will depend on your frequency of use of such appliance. The most important factors to consider when renting or buying the steamer are as follows: weight- it ought to be light for easy portability & presence of wheels- for convenient usage in separate rooms. The final tip to consider as you venture to clean the sofas at home is the cleaning products.

You will have to buy a bottle or two of cleaners, depending on the number of furniture to be cleaned. You should take precaution against chemical poisoning to your household by ensuring that you buy non-toxic products.