Discover a new place every day going on multi-day tours in Bulgaria

Set at the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria is open for uncountable sites and towns worth the visit. Imagine that the concept of your vacation is to move from one place to another every day without spending too much time on the road and getting tired of it before you reach the next point. But it has to have something exciting and charming all the time – is it possible? The multi-day tours in Bulgaria deliver with a positive answer to that question. And while all the possible routes are really hard to count, let’s go through the most popular options.

City sightseeing worth the trip

The country has no metropolis of the Rome or Paris’ fame, but one week from one town to the next to next is a good agenda for multi-day tours in Bulgaria. The travel will usually start from Sofia and where it will head to after that? The Three Capitals trip stands on top of the list. Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo undoubtedly are places you must visit if you go around the country. The city-to-city might be oriented around the idea to travel from Sofia to the Black Sea (Varna on the north or Bourgas to the south) and back west to the state’s capital.

Nature is all you need

If this is your drive, then you can go on without the urban sightseeing. It might be not necessarily hiking-only adventure but the multi-day tours in Bulgaria dedicated to the wonders of nature would make you go back to the land over and over again. Here is a handful of Rhodopes highlights – the Belintash rock, the Bachkovo waterfalls (and the eponymous monastery nearby), the Devil’s Throat cave, the Wonder Bridges, the Vacha Dam – objects of a possible route in the mountain. One of the many possible directions.

The land is ages old

And the history-oriented travel is another option for multi-day tours in Bulgaria. I might include Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo once again but you can also the Kazanlak Tomb, Asen’s Fortress, the ancient Perperikon above the town of Kardzhali, the 19th-century spirit of small towns like Koprivshtitsa or Elena. These objects and places can be visited for several days, and you can give yourself a whole week to travel with no hurry and to have the time to smell flowers. And to enjoy the local tastes in food and drinks.