Expired: Cleaning and Maintaining Mattresses

The good sleep is the key for the healthy life and the key for the good sleep is a clean and comfortable mattress.  The mattress usually absorbs a lot of dirt and dust and you need to clean it regularly to avoid any allergies. We have prepared for you some great tips that will help you remove any stains from the mattress and keep it fresh and clean for the comfort of you sleep.
Right Tools For Maintenance and Cleaning

To maintain properly the mattress you need to regularly remove the dust from the surface and the top layers. You will need a vacuum cleaner and a soft upholstery attachment. For the proper maintenance of the mattress you will also need to rotate and spin it at least every six months.

For the cleaning of the mattress you will need different products. If the mattress is not really dirty you may use upholstery cleaner and gently clean the whole surface of the mattress. Clean the product using a clean wet piece of cloth and allow the mattress to dry completely before you use it again. It may take about a day for the surface to dry out.

If you are facing hard stains you may use a commercial shampoo or mix a mild detergent with warm water. Use a sponge to apply the mixture to the stained area and then use a clean sponge with warm water to clean the mixture from the mattress.

If you have no idea about the type of the stain that you need to deal with you may use a citrus based cleaning product and spray it on the stained area. Leave the product for approximately 5 minutes to work on the stain and blot the area using a clean dry cloth. You may need to repeat the process until the stain is completely removed.

The mattresses also absorb a lot of smells that could be very difficult to remove because they penetrate the mattress. A good solution for cleaning molds, mildew and smoke odors is spraying the mattress regularly with citrus based cleaner and baking soda. Leave the solution for at least an hour and then vacuum the baking soda. You may also take the mattress on your balcony on a sunny day for a few hours.

If you find it difficult to clean you mattress you may use professional cleaning services to help not only clean them, but also carpets and curtains in your home. All information you need is on this page.