Come to the land and enjoy the hunting in Bulgaria

More than 120 thousand people in Bulgaria go out for a hunt every now and then. Out of a population of just over 7 million, this is an impressive number speaking of a long-standing tradition. Perhaps the count of individuals playing football on both professional and amateur level outnumbers those passionate for the wild game (many of them love both types of activity) and still, the adventure with a shotgun in the woods might be considered a national sport – or a national hobby.

It is no wonder that the foreigners visiting the land to go for the wild boar or the red deer become more and more every season. And they need the best hunting agency in Bulgaria ( to get them around the most exciting and prolific fields and forests on the territory.

You don’t have to carry tons of luggage and equipment

Seriously, you can take everything you need on the spot. And it might even cost you cheaper to hire weapons and/or dogs than to transport the shotguns and the hounds from your place of residence. Booking a holiday through the organization considered by many to be the best hunting agency in Bulgaria – Favia Viaggi, will provide all necessary ingredients for a thrilling and complete experience. Since there are Italian guns of high class and reputable brands such as Beretta, Franchi, or Benelli, you can leave your weapon put at home.

Unless you feel so attached to your favorite shotgun or rifle, you can’t even imagine traveling for the wild game without bringing it up with you. The same might apply to your beloved pal you have so many memories with going after the wild game in the past. In this case, you still need the assistance from the best hunting agency in Bulgaria for the paperwork and permits allowing to import animals and weapon on the territory of the country.

What game you go for will show your direction

Some species like the wild boar are spread evenly on the map of the country where there are hunting reserves (at some areas like the National Park it is prohibited to kill wild animals). As relative as this might sound, the big game is probably more appropriate to hunt in mountainous or hilly terrain while the birds promise a big score in the plains. If you think that you have found the best hunting agency in Bulgaria, discuss with the personnel what game you would like to go after to receive more specific recommendation about the region and the reserve you have to head to.