Clogged sink? It’s easy – look for Plumbers in Epsom

Everyone has encountered the problem of clogged sink. It is common, regardless of the type of sink or siphon.

The blockage occurs due to the accumulation of various residues of food and products that fall into the drainage channel.

And the result is always the same – a sink full of water and the impossibility of its normal use.

In order not to get there, it is good to eliminate the problem immediately.

Modern methods help us to quickly and easily unclog the sink without having to disassemble the siphon.

Sometimes, however, they do not help. In this case, we will need professional help and we must seek it. For example, if you live in Greater London, ask about Plumber in Epsom.

And now we will focus on 3 quick and easy solutions for quick unclogging of the sink, which you can try yourself.

Boiling water

It sounds easy, but at the same time it is an effective way to unclog the sink.
If the substances stuck in the drainage channel are not too large, then 1 liter of boiling water should be more than enough to remove all the causes of clogging.

Do not use the sink for several hours before doing so. The drier the drainage channel, the greater the effect of pouring boiling water.
If, however, the water remains in the sink and does not unclog the siphon, then you will need something more serious.

Vinegar and baking soda

One of the most effective home ways to unclog the sink. Again, the sink should not be used for several hours, advise experts from Maximore.
Pour about a teaspoon of soda into the siphon. Top with as much wine or apple cider vinegar.

The solution should start to bubble due to the chemical reaction that is caused. Leave the solution for about 15 minutes.
Then run the hot water and see if it stays in the sink again. If the problem persists, repeat the same procedure.
Finally, we must remind you again that the safest way to deal with canal blockage is to trust the experts who offer the Plumber in Epsom service.