Professional Commercial and Domestic Cleaning Services by

Professional Commercial and Domestic Cleaning Services by throughout the South West London.

CleaningSure operates an efficient and tailored made cleaning service for all buildings and materials. Our reputation is built on value for money and we strategically ensure our costs are competitive and our service remains increasingly exceptional.

Cleanliness is essential and we cater for all aspects of cleaning including both commercial and domestic.

Our customer’s satisfaction is paramount; our team is constantly raising the standards through practical training, education, technology and quality performance.

Constant quality assurance monitoring via weekly and monthly audits has played a key role in establishing long-term client relationships for our company.

CleaningSure is privately owned and this means customer satisfaction is a personal achievement for all of the team here.

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Jobs large or small are equally important to our staff, it’s the challenge many cleanings companies face when operating a large work force of cleaners. By working closely with our staff as well as clients it has made our organisation stronger and the work that our staff produce is outstanding.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

A high level of quality is evident after every clean and we are so sure that we guarantee it with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Any client that is not 100% satisfied with our service will have it rectified within 24 hours at no additional charge.

CleaningSure is renowned for obtaining new clients through recommendations. Our customers are so pleased with our work that they tell everyone they know. In business reputation is important and CleaningSure is working around the clock to ensure each and every customers needs are fulfilled.

Goals for CleaningSure

CleaningSure’s goals are to penetrate the cleaning market ensuring every business has the opportunity to receive our exceptional cleaning services. We provide complimentary products for wash rooms and offices. Clients are surprised with the personal service they receive from CleaningSure, our staff go above and beyond to provide a service that other cleaning companies are yet to offer.

We take pride in producing sparkling results that shine and glow.