steam carpet cleaning

Interesting facts about proper carpet cleaning

Cleaning your carper requires great parience and having the proper machines and cleaners.  Which is the reason why so many people choose the popular cleaning carpet services in London, UK.

Today will tell you how you may clean the carpet yourself. But first of all we would like to remind you that you shouldn’t expect the same results as from professional steam carpet cleaning.

The first thing you can do to clean your carpet is to use shampoo. Yes, you just have to brush the carpet and the foaming cleaning products you are using will be scrubbed into the carpet. It’s good to know that this carpet cleaning method is suitable only for low pile carpets.

The next method is to path the carpet. Of course, as you can imagine, this method is not recommenden because it doesn’t clean it thoroughly. After all, the purpose of the carpet cleaning is to get rid of all the dust and microbes, and this method doesn’t do that.

It’s interesting to know that the famous stomach bug virus lives in carpets. Yes, that’s right, it can live in it for a very long period of time, thus threating your health.

steam carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is really important. So, keep in mind that your carpet should be cleaned by professionals who are using special machines and cleaners for the purpose. The recommended period of time for this carpet cleaning is every 12 months. reminds you that this way you can be sure that your home and office will be flawlessly clean.