How to reach the perfect deal for Bansko ski hire and lift pass?

Whatever you do in some moment there is a need of a plan, even for the holidays. If you a ski lover or you have thought to learn how it is to fly down the slope with the wind in your hair, then there are great offers just for you. Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful destinations and Bansko, located in Pirin mountains is famous with its great conditions and cheap prices for the tourists.

There are 75 km. ski terrain, which is perfect for beginners and intermediates, but even if you need a more challenging experience, there is a place for that too. The black piste, named Tomba has already hosted a number of world ski competitions and it’s ready for the experts. How to reach the perfect deal for Bansko ski hire and lift pass? Through the Bansko ski hire platform, you can book online the package you like more.

How to reach the perfect deal for Bansko ski hire and lift pass?

There are great combinations for all ages and no matter of the level you are. For learning, you can choose Ulen group school and if you are searching for more challenge, you might consider an offpisteride guide.

The possible packages are, for example, are Bansko ski hire and lift pass, which is 15% less, the combination of lift pass plus ski school with 15% discount, as well and a full pack with up to 45% discount. The biggest discount is available if you decide to take all together the ski school, lift pass and the ski hire. It’s incredible, but it’s a real fact.

The ski equipment includes skis, poles and ski boots and you don’t need to bring your own. Choosing Bansko ski hire and lift pass is giving you the freedom to move without carrying the heavy stuff with you all the time, especially at the end of the ski-riding day.

To take the school is also a great opportunity to improve your skills and have a lot of fun every day. For more combinations look at and choose the best one. Have a great holiday and remember, whatever you do winter is coming.